Monday, June 12, 2017

Reclaimed Signs... Or is it Refurb?

There's a growing trend across the interior (and exterior) decor world these days - reclaimed everything.  Reclaimed wood, reclaimed furniture, reclaimed materials of any kind.

In the sign industry, it's not really referred to as "reclaimed" because we aren't repurposing something old for new/different use, but we have been in the same genre of work for decades, and we call it "refurb".  

peeling and cracking paint
Our clients invest greatly in their signs, hoping they last a lifetime. Sometimes that lifetime is shortened by a change of branding, or maybe a move, or maybe a little salt water... 

A local HOA on the shores in La Jolla, CA invested in brushed stainless steel address number plates for each residence with an engraved painted number.  The marine layer that keeps this part of SoCal so nice and cool can wreak havoc on signs.  These signs do not need to be fully replaced, they just need some refurb love.

In steps our team with a plan - clean, prep, prime and paint on-site. It's a re-investment in labor, but sometimes labor is better for your budget than all new signs.

headphones keep distractions away
taking it down to the bare stainless steel
Each refurb project comes with a survey, sometimes two, and a tried and tested plan, sometimes more than once.  In the end, we can bring your old signs back to life for you if their "bones" are good.  We address each project on an individual basis, assessing the customer's needs and budget vs. our capabilities and ability to offer the best product in the end.

Before and after is striking.  Let us help you reclaim your signs today by giving them some refurb love!

beautiful results in the end

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