Monday, November 30, 2009

Find Your Way-Finding

Way-finding signs add value and direction to your business. Let Miramar Sign Works & Graphics point you in that direction today with a free quote.

Add a directory, tenant signs, or directional signage with the Vista System model. It's cost-effective and can be customized to fit your needs. It's also interchangeable and easy to update.

Way-finding signage needs to be up-to-code with California ADA requirements. We are the experts - let us help you pass that inspection. Compliant can also mean classy.

Let us help you find your way-finding today!

Signing off for now,

Friday, October 16, 2009

It's Time to Evaluate Your Signage

Signage is often overlooked, but what does your sign say about your company...
  • Do you look open for business?
  • Welcoming to customers?
  • Is your sign easy to read and spot from the road?

Signage can help answer the following questions:
  • What type of business are you?
  • Who are you trying to reach?
  • Is your business thriving?
A little cosmetic work can refresh your business. A decaying or fading sign reflects poorly upon a business. First impressions are key and you only have one opportunity to make them. Have you considered a sign face lift?

A business with no sign, is a sign of no business! Without a sign:
  • Your business has no identity
  • A lack of business traffic
Miramar Sign Works & Graphics will work within your budget to help you form the identity you're looking for. Don't go another day without signage, or a sign face lift!

Signing off for now,

Friday, September 25, 2009

Budget for Signage in 2010

A new sign is guaranteed to get attention, and now more then ever you want YOUR business to be noticed! Budgeting for signage is often last on your list, or maybe it's not even on your list of "things to do". Two main reasons to budget for signage in 2010:

Can prospective customers find your business or property? Perhaps you need new exterior letters/address numbers, a new monument, or a building sign? Miramar Sign Works & Graphics can assist you with City Permits and Sign Criteria Documents for your property or business complex.

Tenant identificat
ion and directional signage can make your property easier to navigate. Whether you need ADA compliant tenant signage, evacuation plans or a property map for that complicated property, we can take care of any size sign package.

Let Miramar Sign Works & Graphics handle your new signage this Fall, and for 2010, we'll always point you in the right direction.

Signing off for now,

Monday, September 14, 2009

Going Green with Vinyl Graphics

Even in today's economy, Miramar Sign Works & Graphics can help you see green with vinyl graphics! Are you trying to spruce up your conference room? If so, vinyl graphics can be a classy and economical solution. Vinyl graphics offer great versatility and can be used to cover entire walls as they were at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in beautiful Downtown San Diego. Whether you're looking for full color graphics, frosted (etched) graphics, or perforated graphics, we're here to be your solution.

We offer a variety of products for vinyl - Window RTA, Vehicle, Interior, Exterior and more. Give us a call today for your green vinyl quote.

Below is our green team in action!

Signing off for now,

Sunday, May 17, 2009

We're on You Tube!

Miramar Sign Works & Graphics has joined the internet craze....well, maybe we just decided to have an informational video about our company posted on You Tube!

If you want to find out more about our company, the services we offer and the types of signs we can fabricate and install - check out our video:

Signing off for now,

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Does Your Monument Need a Facelift?

Everything ages with time, including signage! During this economic downturn, we are finding that many of our customers want their business to have an affordable and effective "face lift" and refurbishing or replacing signage is a perfect way to accomplish this.

Delta Designs came to Miramar Sign Works & Graphics seeking to refurbish their monument sign. We provided a redesign, fabricated the changes and provided the installation.

Before, the darker letters on the monument face blended in with the surrounding foliage, and some of the lettering was so small it was hard to see, or read:

After, the results are dramatic! The lighter blue color helps the letters pop off the face of the monument, and the redesign enlarged the lettering and numbers that were harder to read before. Even from a distance, the brighter blue color brings the monument to life and is much easier to see than before:

If you are looking for a way to give your company an affordable "face lift", think about refurbishing, replacing or totally redoing your signage! We will be happy to help you come up with a plan that fits within your budget.

Signing off for now,

Friday, March 6, 2009

Digital Printing Campaigns

What is a Digital Printing Campaign? We would define it as the banners and posters we printed for Destination Concepts over the last couple of months.

One of our customers, Destination Concepts, needed a large amount of posters and banners, for indoor and outdoor use, to advertise upcoming seminars all over Southern California. This was a job for one of their clients.

We produced high quality banners and posters, and we made our customer's job easier by offering to drop-ship the posters and banners directly to the location of the seminar.
Destination Concepts turned to Miramar Sign Works & Graphics - not only because our price was right - but because we could offer less than a one week turn around if needed. The next time you need a large number of banners or posters, for indoor or outdoor use, think of Miramar Sign Works & Graphics - we strive to make your life easier, your signs beautiful and to finish your project on time!

Signing off for now,

Miramar Sign Works & Graphics

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Miramar Sign Works & Graphics - A Sign Company You Can Trust!

Miramar Sign Works & Graphics is a custom sign shop located in San Deigo, CA. We offer:

*Lobby Signage
*Storefront Signage
*Dimensional Letters
*Illuminated Channel Letters
*Suite/ADA Signs
*Trade Show Signage
*Vehicle Graphics
*Graphic Design
*Jobsite Signs

Our website has an extensive photo gallery that shows you the scope, detail and craftsmanship of our work. If you are looking for a sign vendor for today AND tomorrow - we are that company! Maybe you manage many properties and projects - we are a vendor that can be there year after year.

If you are looking for a sign vendor for a one-time job, we can handle that, too. Our success and reputation is built on catering to your needs and fast paced work environment.

Miramar Sign Works & Graphics is a sign company you can trust - we are licensed, bonded and insured. We offer you the "right papers" - a contractor's license, performance bond, extensive and free insurance services, monetary safe guards and the ability to absorb risk. We understand it's "Your Brand, Your Image and Your Sign!" - let us handle that hard stuff, leaving less worry and hassle for you!

Signing off for now,

Miramar Sign Works & Graphics