Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Complete Package

As your company expands and grows, don't forget to include updated signage in your expansion budget. Although this might be a small portion of your overall budget, it is very important and relevant to the customers, associates and visitors that stop into your place of business.

What does your current signage say about your company? If you want to give a quick face-lift to your place of business, signs can be the answer. They can compliment your interior design, as well as help to communicate what your business is all about, such as the wind elements in the logo design for enXco, a company focusing on renewable energy.

Miramar Sign Works & Graphics can meet all your expansion needs - rebranding, interior signs, building signs, ADA, evac plaques, tenant, directory and more.

Let us help you show your customers the complete package!

Signing off for now,