Friday, June 13, 2014

The Making of a Natural Redwood Sign, or nine of them...

... but who's counting?  Miramar Sign Works is counting!  A couple of months ago Frazier Farms Market contracted with us to create signs for their new store opening in Oceanside, CA (1820 Oceanside Blvd, Oceanside, CA, 92054).

It's not everyday we are asked to create natural redwood signs, with dimensional letters and a fish that looks like it will turn its head and start singing at any moment... 

Miramar Sign Works - Seafood Sign
It's not Big Mouth Billy Bass... but close!
Not just one, but nine - DELI, MEAT, FRESH SEAFOOD, DAIRY, PRODUCE, BULK, VITAMINS, CHEESE AND BAKERY - it all sounded delicious, but the thought of not managing this job correctly didn't.  Then brilliance took over, spear headed by one of our owners, Paul Jester - set the table correctly from the beginning and get started.
1. Take our approved customer proof and turn it into a "bill of materials" with exact quantities and dimensions.
2. Order raw materials based on the bill of materials.
3. Create a step-by-step instruction sheet for a "how-to assemble".
4. Hire a skilled woodworker to fabricate the signs - start to finish. 
5. Provide him space and tools, if needed.
6. Plan the install and execute flawlessly.

Miramar Sign Works - Sign Install Staging
Install Staging
Numbers 4-5 are really the brilliance - everyone will do steps 1-3 in some fashion, but not everyone will hire the right people with the right skills and provide the space and tools necessary.  Miramar Sign Works understands this to be our standard operating procedure, along with continual training and education for our fabricators and installers. 

In San Diego, natural redwood or cedar signs are not the norm, for interior or exterior.  In many other parts of the country they are, but high quality signs with professional installers are our norm. 
Miramar Sign Works - Frazier Farms Sign Install
Fun in the Vitamin Section
If you want to experience a sign company above the rest, contact Miramar Sign Works today to start building that relationship.

Then you can experience #6 with your sign vendor!
Miramar Sign Works - Frazier Farms Natural Redwood Signs
Install SUCCESS!
Signing off for now,