Monday, April 28, 2014

IMPACT - Color, Contrast and Canvas

Signs are moving into a different realm, one of IMPACT.  Here's a recent news story from Market Place exploring why it's good to be in the sign business right now.

While the article focuses on wayfinding signs and the upcoming use of digital media, there's a lesson to take away from the article for all businesses - signs are a relatively inexpensive investment to make a change for the better in your work environment.  Whether it's for the visitor coming to your office, or the staff that works for you, signs can be welcoming and informative, and also an extension of interior design.

Color and contrast make signs pop off your wall, or building front, and welcome visitors to your lobby. They can be eye-catching from across the road, drawing people to your place of business, or inside your place of business to get a point across.

Walls are our Canvas at Miramar Sign Works and we can offer solutions for any wall type or environment.  Whether you need an interior or lobby sign, monument or exterior signwayfinding, ADA/tenant signage, vinyl wall or window graphics, MSW can show you how to invest in your business through signage.  Signs are a necessity, let us help you make them IMPACT your customers in a positive way.

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