Monday, January 23, 2012

Are Your Exterior Signs "Healthy"?

Recently we installed all new exterior signs for the La Maestra Family Community Health Clinic in City Heights, and it brings to mind whether your exterior signage is "healthy" or "sick"?

The new signs at La Maestra Health Clinic includes several different types of exterior signage:

1. Vibrantly painted panel signs with vinyl graphics applied to "welcome" visitors from a distance, and for easy location of the building.

2. Stainless steel channel letters mounted in two ways to best use the building's architecture: bottom-mounted to stand tall in an opening above a walkway, and mounted directly to the building face.

3. Illuminated light box, with push-through letters to welcome visitors both day and night.

What makes this new signage "healthy" is simple - the clinic is easily identifiable from all sides of the building and street views.

Take a walk around your property or space and pretend to be a new visitor. Can your sign be seen from the street, are visitors welcomed with a sign that grabs their attention, does your sign need illumination, or some new color? Maybe a Rx for some new signs, or updated signage is just what your business needs!

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